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You don't have to worry about getting your delivery to us, we can pick it up from you. *The standard pickup charge for up to 5 boxes - £10. **Applies to requests within Edinburgh City area. ***We do not collect on a Saturday or Sunday. Complete this form to request a collection from private / domestic locations from Edinburgh area only. If you are an auction house customer and would like to request a collection please visit this page instead.
Collection address:
Collection date: dd/mm/yy
Collection time: between 9am-12 between 12-5pm
Number of packages:
Drop off point:  
Special instructions/comments: (e.g. name on the buzzer, parking restrictions,etc)
Please be aware that: boxes can't exceed 30kg boxes have to be labeled driver may need your help no presurised containers (such as sprays) nor liquids are allowed to be in the boxes
Can you count? What is FIVE minus TWO?

Worldwide Shipping

We cover all aspects of parcel delivery such as pickup, packing and shipping services worldwide.

Cut the paperwork

To help with a smooth arrival we can advise and assist you with the correct documentation for customs regulations and clearance.

Track it*

You can keep an eye on your belongings all the way with our on-line tracking at


You don't have to worry about getting your delivery to us, we can pick it up from you. We visit campuses on a regular basis. To request a collection click here.

All wrapped up

We offer a full range of boxes and packaging material to meet every need. If you are struggling we can even professionally pack for you. Ask for our packing service prices when you come in.

Please Note: Whilst our prices are as all-inclusive as we can make them, occasionally additional charges are incurred upon arrival in the destination country and these need to be paid upon clearance or delivery. Example charges are customs duties and taxes, quarantine fees etc.

Charges may vary. *Where services are available. Terms and conditions apply, contact us for further details. **Collection fee may apply.